Oil Spray Systems
How To Order

Oil-spray systems come in several configurations, with and without controls, with and without a reservoir. Based on a modular in design concept, we can provide a customized solution for individual end-user needs. Please feel free to contact us if your application requires any measure of customization.

Complete Packaged Systems
ORSCO Packaged Systems.pdf

Millennium Timer (0.5 - 5 s).pdf
Millennium Timer (2.1 - 200 s).pdf
Millennium Timer (4 - 400 s).pdf
Optional Controls Box.pdf
Delivery Systems
ORSCO Fittings - NC & NY.pdf
Series 170 - with controls.pdf
VS & VSR Series - without controls.pdf
VSN & VSRN Series - without controls (Drip Systems).pdf
Spray Nozzles
ORSCO Fittings - NC & NY.pdf
ORSCO Std Nozzle Fixture.pdf
RMN Nozzle - Continuous Remote Tip.pdf
SFN Nozzle - Continuous Spray.pdf
Spindle Nozzle(HFN) - Continuous Spray.pdf
SWN Nozzle - Continuous Spray.pdf
TCN Nozzle - Pulse Spray.pdf
Tenterframe(STN) Nozzle - Continuous Spray.pdf
TFN Nozzle - Pulse Spray.pdf
TPN Nozzle - Pulse Spray.pdf
Obsolete Products
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