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Monitored Systems
ORSCO Monitored Systems(Series 300) include the maximum degree of lubrication monitoring possible. Each individual oil line and air line are monitored with acceptable ranges for performance. Exceeding the limits of the set ranges provides the user feedback to know that there is a non-conformance in terms of the action desired. In addition to this feedback, we also monitor the performance of each injector in the system to register that oil is being delivered. These systems are utilized in applications where the lubrication is critical to an assembly or process in general.   The failure mode can result in either alarms or feedback to the PLC that can be used to shut down the system immediately; the choice is up to the user. Series 300 product is roughly 10x the cost of a Series 170 Standard System, but as you can see it provides a much greater degree of control and confidence that insures the process overall. We also have a Series 250 System that can be used at approximately half the price of a Series 300 System. The Series 250 provides all the monitoring of the Series 300 with the exception of injector monitoring.
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