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Mainly used in automotive assembly applications, these systems provide oil injection for precise lubrication of air tools. ORSCO co-axial systems incorporate a capillary tube filled with oil that is inserted through the air line to a position just inches from the air motor inlet. A precise amount of oil is dispensed just before the air enters the tool, eliminating over-lubrication while increasing tool life and performance. A network of distributors with vast knowledge of air tool use and assembly operations supports these systems.

See how a progressive valve works.

Extends tool life
Dispenses oil in minute quantities to prevent over-lubrication
Reduces lubricant consumption
Consistent and reliable lubrication
Micrometer type adjustment to perfectly balance oil delivery
Air logic lubricators for long running air motors

Automotive manufacturing
Aerospace manufacturing
High volume manufacturing environments
Air valve and cylinder lubrication
Pump lubrication
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